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Non c'è amore sprecato

(There is not wasted love)

A book with paranormal experiences

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A double demonstration with Gordon Higginson

At that time, I was living in London and I was visiting some spiritualist organizations, hoping to find that one where I could meet people of the same wave length level of mine.
I went to the S.A.GB. in order to see a double demonstration of trance and psychic portraits.
The mediums on the stage would have been Coral Polge and Gordon Higginson.
Coral was a great medium artist of many qualities in making designs of spiritual entities.
As they said in S.A.GB, Gordon Higginson was one of the best trance-medium in England.
That day Coral Polge was unwell and therefore another psychic lady performed at her place.
The double demonstration was held in the large S.A.GB. conference room.

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The Oliver Lodge Hall, the SAGB's main lecture hall used for special events

There were more than 70 persons who occupied already the seats near the stage.
When I arrived, I made myself comfortable in a seat behind all, in the last row.
Mr. Higginson spoke about some spiritual values and, while he was in trance, took a walk along the central corridor.
The incorporated entity made him to walk limping as a crooked old man (author's note: this means that the entity was still tied to low astral plane, since the spirit is not lame).
When Higginson returned conscious after the trance, he began a short speech commenting on what, in the meantime, the medium artist lady was completing: psychic portraits of some people in the room.
Once the artist-medium completed the job, Mr Higginson started to describe what he saw in four psychic portraits.
Each design was an oval with various lines and spirals of different colours. The first one he read represented the spirit of a lady seated in the front row.
When he took the second drawing, Higginson said:
- Now I will talk about this gentleman, "very old" - very, very old gentleman. - Then he asked the artist lady who was the gentleman described in that portrait. She rose from the chair and pointing in my direction she said:
- That person seated in the last row -
Addressing his words to me, Mr Higginson resumed:
- But physically you do not seem so old! (I was 34 years old at that time) Nevertheless
on the portrait you turn out to be much older than you look. Later, you tell me how old you are -

By hearing the happy tone of the medium, everybody in the room started to laugh.
Higginson continued:
- I see that you have the Spiritual Knowledge. I see that you know the Truth and nobody will make you to change idea. You have the Scepter of command... probably you are a very old spirit.-
There was a moment of pause in order to better study my psychic portrait and then he said:
- Did you want to take ministry? I mean to become a monk?-
I answered I did not have a similar intention, but I would have kept in mind what he was saying to me.
- I see that you will have a wealthy life but not in excess. I see that you have two women, is it true?-
I answered saying I did not know. Always with an happy tone while the public was laughing, Higginson added:
- What! You expect me to believe you don't know it? Who else knows better than you? In your life you will have two women very important. I see that you have a spiritual task... a sort of mission.-
Then Mr Higginson moved forward to the description of two other psychic portraits.
At the end, when everybody was leaving the room, Gordon Higginson came near me to show my psychic portrait.
I didn't keep my portrait, I left it in Mr Higginson hands as I preferred to give it to him for a better examination.
For a while I did not visit the S.A.GB. (where I have a life membership card), because I was busy with my profession.
Sometimes I attended the various Spiritualist churches and organizations around central London, where I lived..............................

Note: this is a part of the book "non c'è amore sprecato" concerning the medium Gordon Higginson

Double demonstration with Coral Polge and Gordon Higginson

This video features a demonstration of mediumship by Gordon Higginson and
psychic art bv Coral Polge. In it, Coral draws the portraits of 7 people in spirit
whilst Gordon brings through excellent evidence from spirit to place them.
This video showcases the fine quality evidence that Gordon was capable of
and is well worth watching.

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walter torquati
Occult, Possession and Ghosts of the Mind
italian language - 160 pages - 53 colour pictures - Price € 17,40

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The Sun lives and shines of its own Light.
It doesn't need of Light because it is already Light.
And the Light is Love.
And your Love is the immense atomic warmth of your affection.

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The miracles of the Sun
As a result of the many chronicles about miraculous healings, it seems appropriate to watch an italian TV program "Domenica In" 11th April 2010, named "Arena Giletti." After the video where you could see a bright image of a female figure during worship with the Medjugorje’s visionary Marija, the conductor Giletti proposed the testimony assertion of a miraculous healing took place in Medjugorje when the Sun began to swing. The Sun transmits unconditional love and all us perceive through its light and its heat. Only few people realize what is the Sun. Try to look at him for a moment and send your love to the Sun ... and do not be surprised to experience new sensations. We are all loved by God and the Sun is His instrument for creating life on this planet. The Sun is the Christ-Logos. Watch the video and meditate ... To reach the healings that the Sun creates, we must be spiritual giants. Only those who have the Light of Love are able to act with this power, becoming a channel of spiritual connection with the Light. Therefore will no longer be the prophet who goes to the mountain, but it will be the mountain to come to the prophet.

Thermodynamics of Love

What is Love? Love is the immense atomic warmth of your affection.
When two persons embrace themselves, the person who has more energy transmits to the other who has less. This happens with the Love, with the Light, with the vital energy. Therefore, it should work with the energy of the reconnection, if it is right to call it, but it would be better to call it magnetic energy. We are all connected to God forever and there is no need to do any reconnection. If somebody is disconnection from God, it means that he does not exist. About Love the person who has more to give is the lover (the one who loves) and the receiver is the beloved. Therefore the person who loves transmits Love and the person who fall in love receives Love. Suppose that, if one has 100 and the other 20, the one that has 100 gives 40 to the other, so both have 60, which is 120 as the sum of the two initial energies. This is like in thermodynamics . If we place a hot body in contact with another colder body, shortly after both bodies have the same intermediate temperature, in comparison to the respective initial temperatures. In this case, to radiate are not the atoms that constitute the bodies, but the energy associated with them. In fact the temperature is a measure of the kinetic energy associated to the motion of the thermal agitation of the atoms that oscillate around its own equilibrium point. Much higher is the temperature, much faster - and therefore more energetic - are the atomic oscillations. When the cold body is put in contact with the hot body, the atoms of the latter "drumming" with great force against the surface of the cold body. The hot atoms communicate part of their motion and their energy to the cold body thus increasing its temperature. The quoted example respects the first law of thermodynamics that states the energy conservation. The cold body increases its thermal energy at the expense of that of the hot body in a manner that the energy of the system remains the same in its entirety . The Sun transmits unconditional love and all we perceive it through its heat. Only few people realize what the Sun represents for us. Try to look at him for a moment and transmit your Love the Sun ... and do not be surprised to experience new sensations. We all are loved by God and the Sun is His instrument to create life on this planet.


A Fire Ball in the Sky

At the end of September 1973, while I was writing my third book, something happened that changed my life. At 23,30 approximately, all at once I had the feeling to die. A tremendous pain invaded my chest leaving me without breath. While I collapsed on the floor for the immense pain, my mind turned a thought to the Supreme Spirit:
- Not yet Lord - I said - I have not yet made what I have to do. -
I was brought to hospital and my legs were shaking and my mind could not control them any. Doctor made a sedative injection in order to calm my nervous system. After 10 minutes the medical drug tranquilized my body, but my thought went towards God in order to ask what was happening to me and why I said - I have not yet made what I have to do - But what did I have to do?

On the right of the room where I was taken, there was a window showing the East horizon, in direction of the Adriatic sea. From my bed I could see a wonderful sky full of stars, in that night of September that I cannot forget. My mother was seated near my left side of the bed and she also could see the sky from the windows. Thoughtfully, my father approached to the window where he remained for sometime watching the sky. Suddenly he turns toward us and said:
- Look at the sky ! -
We raised the eyes and we saw an enormous sphere of fire coming down from North towards South. I thought that was a falling meteor. The fire ball was large as the Moon appears to our eyes and was leaving behind a large amount of flames. Suddenly it stopped in the sky, to approximately 200 meters from us. At the same time the ball became of a light blue colour and started to turn around itself. It seemed to be like a blue crystal ball surrounded by a luminescent halo. After several seconds the ball began to move in a different direction, from West towards East with a very fast speed and disappeared on the horizon in direction of the Yugoslavia. At that point I thought we had an UFO contact. The next day my father told me that, while he was near the window watching the sky, he asked God to help me; the presence of the fire ball in the sky was the answer to his prayer? Probably the ball of Light was a manifestation of spiritual world arrived for my awakening...

We saw an enormous sphere of fire was a falling down from North towards South. The fire ball
was leaving behind a large amount of flames. Suddenly it stopped in the sky. At the same time
the ball became of a light blue colour and started to turn around itself. It seemed to be like
a blue crystal ball surrounded by a luminescent halo. After several seconds the ball began to move
in a different direction with a very fast speed and disappeared in direction of the Yugoslavia.

It became a cristal's blue sphere.

A luminous sphere that travels in the Sky does not come out from nowhere and cannot move by itself. Someone or something must have created it and addressed it to us. And inside of it there must also be a superior intelligence , since it traveled, stopped, swirled and then started moving again towards another direction. The Absolute Consciousness, which is God, must have made arrangements for such an event to happen. It seems quite logical to me.



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Tibetan monk

This is a combative entity always ready for overcoming egoism and let emerge
the light of Love.


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Christian nun

She helps with hers gentle female touch when it is necessary to act with delicacy.


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The hebrew name is Yhshvh and he represents the Light. He is very wise and acts with the blue sky colour to rebuild peace and serenity.


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North american indian

When he lived on the earth he was a sensible chief with knowledge of ancient medicine.



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English journalist

He was a friend of the writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,
the author of Sherlock Holmes.
He helps me when I write.


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My Grandmother

Portrait created by Coral Polge representing my Grandmother as she likes to appear in spirit
She said to compare the picture with an old family photo I enclose here beside


Those drawings were made in London by the artist medium Coral Polge of S.A.GB. "The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain". Four of them represent some of my spiritual Guides who act closely with me in helping the suffering people. In many cases, visualization phenomena of these entities occurred to those persons I touched with my hand.

See photos of Psychic Art by Coral Polge

Coral Polge
Click the photo to see GIOIA magazine reportage about Coral Polge

Click GIOIA magazine to see the reportage about Coral Polge

Coral Polge
and the spiritual consciousness

Click to listen the  voice of Coral Polge Audio of Coral Polge - coralshorwebt.mp3

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Maurice-Quentin de La Tour (1704 -1788)

Two pastel self portraits made by Maurice de La Tour in 1760 and in 1764.
Coral Polge was artistically guided by the spirit of Maurice de La Tour in making drawings of entities,
those the medium clairvoyant was able to see close to the people who visited her for a consult.
See Maurice de La Tour

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Isabelle de Charrière dutch writer (1740-1805)
Pastel portrait on paper made by Maurice-Quentin de La Tour in 1766.


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La Dame en Rose - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
The Marquise de Pompadour - Musée du Louvre, Paris.
Henry Dawkins british MP - The National Gallery, London.

La Dame en Rose, large pastel portrait on paper made by Maurice-Quentin de La Tour in 1755.
The Marquise of Pompadour, large pastel portrait on paper made by Maurice-Quentin de La Tour in 1748.
Henry Dawkins british MP, large pastel portrait on paper made by Maurice-Quentin de La Tour in 1750.
It is noticeable the high quality of the details that the french artist was able to make with the use of pastels.
The style of Maurice de La Tour is, without a doubt, evident on the drawings made by Coral Polge.

Visit Coral Polge Home Page

See the Video Psychic Art of Coral Polge



Click the image to enter S.A.G.B
Click the picture to visit S.A.G.B

The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain
341 Queenstown Road - Battersea London SW8 4LH - GB
Phone +44 (0)207 931 6488 - Email:

Click to visit the SAGB

Life Membership Card of SAGB
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Aura Psychic Portrait

Image created by Dorice Hannan S.A.GB expert in Aurographic portrait
To know the meaning of drawing read here the script


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Cecilia and Annamaria

Portrait images created by an english clairvoyant artist
Cecilia is a Spirit Guide for children and she is connected with me from a past life
Annamaria is the spirit of a girl I sent an help of Light after she committed suicide


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Veronica and the telephone calls of a spirit

I knew Veronica during a summer afternoon. She entered in my family antiques store with her child and she was browsing the old objects. As if it had been all programmed from above, she said to me:
- Don’t you have fear to sell objects belonged to dead people?
- No! There is nothing to fear when you buy things with love. - I answered.
We began a beautiful dialogue on hidden sciences. Veronica said to me that she was born in Argentine from Italian family and now she moved to live here in Italy with the husband Gino. After I said I was living in London, she revealed me she also was a lot attracted from Great Britain even if she never visited. I noticed that she was suffering for something, I have taken the hand and Veronica felt an intense heat pervade her body and became very serene.

Every afternoon during the walk with the son, she came to visit me for discussing about spiritualism. A day, after her usual visit in the shop, she came back in the shop with her husband in order to tell me something that was happened. Veronica told Gino something about me concerning paranormal phenomena, but she had not revealed my name to Gino. Gino was always indifferent to paranormal matter, and instead going out with his wife and son, he preferred to take a nap on his armchair. After the usual visit to my store, Veronica returned home and found Gino that said to her:

- I have had a dream! I have seen Via Alessandro Volta (street) and all houses were painted of white, with the exception of an antique shop. A man came close and he said to me: “This is the antique shop where your wife spends time with a person while you are sleeping.”
The husband described that figure with a black dress and he revealed to Gino my address shop, my name and surname and my telephone number. I thought Gino was a jealous husband and I explained everything to him. We quickly became friends and he reported to me that in South America his mother was a medium and that sometimes he has premonitory dreams. I said to Gino that I wanted to inquire more on what happened and why Veronica felt a strong attraction for Great Britain.

Also, Veronica always felt much weakness every day starting from 11,00 o’clock pm. We decided to have a meeting in the same evening inside the antique shop, in order to carry out a experiment. Veronica and Gino arrived in my shop at 10,50 pm. I came near to Veronica and when I said to close the eyes, I aimed two fingers on her forehead saying to visualize Great Britain.

Suddenly the telephone rang. I went to answer but the apparatus gave the sound of free line. I hanged the telephone and I returned on Veronica experiment. The telephone ring started again. When I went to take it, the sound was that of an engaged call. I returned to put the fingers on the forehead of Veronica but the telephone ring recommenced to ring up. I raised I telephone and a man voice spoke to me in english:
- This is the voice of the spirit -
I thought that was a friend of mine making a joke of bad taste, and I hanged up. I started again to act on Veronica but the telephone rang up with insistence. I went to answer, thinking was a matter of the usual joke. The same voice spoke again saying to me:
- I am a spirit! Let the girl to go away. You have five minutes of time in order to make it. -
This time the telephone call was not interrupted. I remained quiet with the telephone receiver on my ear, then I hanged up. Gino and Veronica did not imagine what were happening. Suddenly I accused an intense shiver of cold followed from a strong heat that it was wrapping around me. I had a little fear and I said to the others to have received a telephone call from someone who said to be a spirit and that he wanted Veronica out of the shop. Again the telephone rang up and this time the voice returned to speak with angry tonality. He was trying to intimidate me.
- Did you hear what I said to you? I am a spirit! Let the girl to go away, you have few minutes of time. After that you will see what I am going to do!
I thought he could make the old goods to fly in air and then break them off. In that precise moment I was cheered up by the voice of one of my Guides:

- Don’t be afraid! You too are a spirit. Try to use your strength and show him what you are. -
The words said from the spirit guide made me to think over. I did not remember I was a spirit incarnated in a physical body. Sometimes we think we are simply persons. Then I understood that I had to move and act through my spirit, using the thought. I remained in communication with that angry entity and, concentrating with the thought, I tried to create a barrier. The voice of the spirit continued to speak to me:
- You are too big for me! You are too strong for me, let me speak to the girl. -
I felt that my strength was an obstacle for him and I tried to open a conversation with him in order to know more about him.
- I don’t let you speak with the girl if you do not speak fist with me. What is your name? - I asked.
- My name is Alfred! Now let me speak with the girl. -
He spoke with Veronica and he said to leave the shop quickly and return home. I took the telephone with my hand but the communication with Alfred was interrupted. He called again and said to me:
- You have one more minute of time, after that you'll see what will happen to you! -

He couldn’t succeed to scare to me any more. My spirit Guide took part again whispering to my ear:
- Let him feel your strength, use the Sword! -
I close my eyes and I concentrated myself on the figure of Alfred, projecting myself with the flaming Sword of light in my hand. When I had a better vision of that entity, my intention was to cut his head with the sword of light, but the spirit Guide prevented it saying to me:
- Not that sword! Use the Love! -
I was stuck from the words of my Guide and without warning I felt a strong heat to fill up my solar plexus and an intense Love for Alfred. I nearly was ashamed to say that, but then I took the courage and I spoke to Alfred:
- Do you feel what I feel for you? Here we all love you! -
- Thanks! Thanks! We will meet tomorrow evening at the same time (11,00 pm) - Alfred answered and went away.
The following day I asked information about Alfred. Here the received message:
“The Solar spirit let you know that in the previous life of all there is always someone important and Alfred cannot forget Veronica since he acted with bad actions against her. Alfred is expiating for what he did with his absurd jealousy, locking up the woman he loved within his castle. And never let Veronica to see the sunlight, for the fear that others could have her. Now, as karmic effect, when Alfred sees the Light, he feels bad and emanates long sighs. He knows the pain that he will have to face and he is being already prepared. Alfred can be helped through the Light that the good persons emanate, but that transmitted from you is too much strong for his spirit who is not accustomed to the vision of the astral Light. It requires a lot of patience. Initially Alfred will not understand, but the Light emanated from you, even if blinds him, it will instill Love slowly and Alfred will be eternally grateful to you. Veronica was segregated and martyrise from his absurd jealousy. Alfred will come also without the presence of Veronica, if you will make him to understand that the Love is wide and that Veronica forgives him for what he did to her. Millennia are passed and millennia will pass, but the divine plans (the karma) will not change. Alfred has many bandages to remove in order to let his Light to emerge and only the Love can help him. Only the Light is the weapon you will have to use, because is the only one that he fears.”
Around the 23,00 (11,00 o’clok pm) I was in the shop with Veronica and Gino. I organized myself connecting the telephone with a recorder. When the telephone call of Alfred arrived, Veronica went to answer:
- Hallo, this is Veronica, how are you? - the girl said in English.
- Well, wery well - Alfred answered.
- I love you! - Veronica said

Telephone conversation of Veronica with Alfred
Click to listen to the audio of Alfred Audio Veronica with Alfred - Alfred1. mp3 (990 Kb)

You already know me. Try to hold the line. I have received an order from the Light of help you. You cannot remain attracted and stuck in the material things, do you understand? - I said to Alfred.
- Yes - He answered.
- You have a mission to carry out. You must help someone… you know better who. - I said.
- Why? - he answered.
- You must help someone. - I said to Alfred.
- What do you want? - he said to me.
- What can you do for me? - I asked Alfred.
In this precise moment the communication was interrupted.

He called back and I spoke to him again:
- The Light told me that you belonged to a Scottish family, it is true? -
- Only my name - He answered.
- You cannot be stuck in that old castle! - I said.
- I understand. - He answered.
- You must go up to the Light! Do you understand what I say? You already know me, try to see my spirit! - I said.
Alfred was silent for some seconds, like he had come to examine well my spirit, then emitted a moan of fright and the communication was interrupted. When he returned, he said to me:
- Tell me the name, only the name. -

My telephone conversation with Alfred
Click to listen the audio of Alfred Audio with Alfred - Alfred2. mp3 (1,72 Mb)

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Drawing created by an english clairvoyant artist
Portrait image of Alfred, the Spirit of a noble Scottish man
He contacted me for help by using phone connection and I recorded his calls

The telephone communication ended. I did not receive any call for three days. I went to a local television in order to speak about spiritual matter and I met a sensitive woman. When the sensitive returned to her home, she telephoned me in order to tell me that she has seen an entity fluttering in front of her car. For all the time of the travel she saw a large figure with the red beard. The sensitive had an apparition of Alfred and was very frightened. I went in her house and I had a medianic sitting with her. Alfred could not respect a telephone appointment and I was a little annoyed for this reason. He communicated through the sensitive that he had some difficulties to use the telephone. He said that around him there were like demons who made some barrier. I answered quickly that the devil does not exist and that those demons he saw were low degree forces, thought forms he created during his last life. He had to destroy them using the Light and the Love! I promised a ray of Light he could use like a weapon for to puncture those swollen thought forms. My only problem was that he had to crumble the egoistic barriers he had constructed. I asked my spirit Guide to know what I had to do with Alfred.
“Alfred is thirsty of Light and he also grabs to all to go up. He must be helped. In exchange Alfred will be able to carry an aid for your spiritual and material mission. You will have to ask his aid in the name of the Light, because only with this name you may command Alfred and only to this name is obliged to answer: “The light.” Only this name will have to serve… only this name. You must give him a lot of Light and Love. You must be careful not to become his debtor. “
The day after at 11,00 o’clock pm, while I was seating in the antique shop I suddenly received a little sadness, so I thought:
- God help me! -
As soon as I finished the phrase the telephone rang. I went to answer thinking that he was that spirit. Like an habit, I switched on the recorder. I did not mistake, Alfred called me:
- Hallo! Did you receive my help? - I said.
- Yes - he answered.
- How is your existence now? - I asked.
- Better! - he answered me.
I did not make any request of aid, giving an answer to that famous “only name”, since the my first desire was to give strength to Alfred in order to break off the barriers of darkness that held him.
- In the name of the Light you take my Light. - I said.
- Speak italian - He said to me.

I heard on the telephone three strikes like an hammer breaking a chain. After the communication ended very quickly. There were interferences of other entities. I had a pain around my head with a feeling of faint, but my thought remained firm like a rock. In order to speed up an immediate aid to Alfred, I asked the participation of one of my Spirit Guides. The telephone call arrived again and I spoke to Alfred:
- Do you hear me? - I said.
- Yes - he answered.
- Did my Guide come to help you? - I asked.
- Yes, I feel much better now. - he answered.
The communication with Alfred finished in this way and I did not have more occasion to listen him. Later on, I knew that He succeeded to go up into the Light and that he was having a rest, enjoying a sense of beatitude before coming back in contact with me. I do not know when this will happen, but I am sure he will make it a day. For give him more strength, from time to time I send him a thought of Love.


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Three drawings created by an italian clairvoyant artist

The image on the left is a message showing to get the pen and write
The central image is to recall into the mind the robe to wear and the sword of fire
The image on the right is an incitement to use the Shield of Light to reject the negativity


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Spirit Master

Portrait image of the Ancient of the Days
This figure is only a ray of the oldest spirit
He wears an outworn monk frock and brings the Cosmic Light
He is the Oldest of the Old ones, the Ancient one of the Days


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The Spiritual Evolution

The spiritual evolution takes place spontaneously with its seven vortex centers
When those vortexes are activated the Spiritual Light emerges and can be used to cure illness


The Karma

The law of Cause and Effect explained by a spiritual entity

The main aspects of the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) can be summed up as follows:

1) Every activity promoted or induced, or freely started, generates an effect.
2) Such principle is valid for the physical world, for the world of feelings, for the world of thoughts, and for every other world and every category of phenomena.
3) The effect is of the same nature of the cause and is closely linked to it.
4) Causes are created involuntarily as well as voluntarily because the happening of the effect it is not subordinated to the aware consummation of the cause.
5) The effect falls back on the person who has moved the cause.
6) The effect falls back with the aim of giving conscience to the subject who promoted that one.
7) The effect falls back when the subject is ready to understand. That is when, from the effect, the subject finds out the missing consciousness.

The chain of causes and effects, that move and promote the life of the individuals, intercross and have continuous recurrent connections. It cannot be otherwise. If all is ONE, there must be a tight dependency between all subjects. As I have said before, there is not one single elementary particle that is absolutely isolated. . Everything has a relationship of dependency with something else. If something absolutely independent existed, for an absurd hypothesis, it would be outside of the Truth. Therefore nobody can be outside of the chain of Causes and Effects of dependencies that ties all that exists and if it is said that all is Karma, it is so because exactly the Karma is the chain of causes and effects that ties all. Nobody can avoid the Karma. Surely there is Karma and Karma. But above all, there is the possibility to complete those quantum leaps in the chain of causes and effects I mentioned before. To complete quantum leaps constitutes "the freedom", the autonomy of the individual. Now, since freedom is the possibility to act in a opposite way to what would lead a chain of causes and effects and since it is the constituted awareness that gives to the individual the faculty to avoid the impulses of the inferior vehicles (egoism, passions and so on) and consequently to the stimuli of the environment, and since the consciousness grows bigger when one evolves and vice versa, it is clear that "freedom" is proportional to evolution. But pay attention, the evolved person is not outside of the chain of Causes and Effects, because he would be outside of the Truth. He completes quantum leaps. Which means, for his conscience he feels the way that allows him not to be dragged inexorably from the necessity; that allows him to live in a serene way that for others is source of anguish; that does not make him to create tormenting shadows and that does not make him to move causes that brings painful effects. However, this does not mean that the highly evolved person does not feel, for example, the tiredness as an effect of a cause he promoted. That tiredness will be lived in a different way from the undeveloped person, and he will not be conditioned by that. He will know how to discharge it shortly, but he will not be able not to perceive it. The Karma, or what it is intended with this word, which means a similar limiting condition for more persons, is lived in various way even if it shows the same formulation. Blindness, for example, can be lived serenely or distressingly. In analogous way, between more persons, to do the same thing can give place to different Karma and it is logical to be this way. In fact the true target and the true source of the Karma, as I have said, is the individual consciousness. Therefore it is the feeling, the intention that pilots all the activity of the individual and that must be corrected and consequently is the object of the corrector effect. If the nature and the content of the effect were analogous only to what has been the outer manifestation of the acting individual, the effect may never reach the target. Because how many actions hide opposite intentions from what are truly visible. An "altruistic" behavior that hides "an egoistic" aim cannot bring an equal effect of a behavior with altruistic intention. In fact, the effect is not a prize or a punishment, it is something that tends to correct, at the origin, the nature of who moves the causes, in other words the individual and therefore to change the intention. Think for instance, how many factors the Karma must keep in account in order to reach that result. Nevertheless everything is precisely done. Nobody holds registers of giving and having, but because of the principle of cause and effect, the concatenation (in some way apprehended by the determinists) guarantees that nothing goes lost, than everything is handed down, and that everything returns as reflected image of oneself with the purpose of taking cognition of one's own deficiencies and proceed to overcome them. The conception of the reality, in which nothing accidentally happens and everyone has what is due to him because it is what he procured to himself, removes every frustration that derives from feeling himself pursued, ill-fated, and/or object of injustice. How much one suffers, corresponds to a measure of justice that does not leave margins to privileges and errors, where the suffering is only a transitory moment in exchange of a permanent acquisition. The possibility of a man to avoid influences and impulses, when he is able to achieve a quantum leap, confers to him the autonomy that redeems him from the rigid protection to which are subordinated the individuals with an elementary consciousness. Looking around, everything can be verified and believed without any act of faith, without strain, only with the means of reasoning. At this point, we cannot but reason and exclaim, addressing that elusive Supreme Being that must exist and that, if it does exist, it has to be the only true reason of Everything: "Lord, the logic makes me conclude that casual or coincidental events cannot exist, and that a chain of causes and effects guides me in my living, allowing me that freedom that is unknown to beings with the powerless consciousness. Lord, I can recognize the immediate purpose of natural life, that is to perpetuate itself, therefore reasonably I can believe that all must have a broader purpose, that is unknown to my knowledge. If You are able to transform the insensitive matter in the conscience of the saint, then Lord, You are love! And although I do not have the perception of what You are, I humbly thank You with all the love I am capable of and that You, day by day, moment after moment feed, feeding my same existence. Lord, let Your love reunites all the human beings and that never comes less, but indeed will be always with us, day by day, moment after moment. So we will know You and nothing more will remain obscure ".
Peace to you.
(Kempis - Cerchio Firenze 77)

Download the trance speech where the entity Kempis gives an exhaustive explanation about the Karma

Click here to download Karma and Freedom Karma and Freedom- Kempis (Zip 41,6 MB) from Cerchio Firenze 77 - only italian

NOTE: If someone thinks the teaching coming from the spiritual world and given to the "Cerchio Firenze 77" (in the past 40 years) is exceeded by pseudo doctrines of the new age or from theories proclaimed by some thinkers of the 19th century, he is invited to say his truth, carrying tangible results how to face and solve a painful Karma caused by "egotistic action" that goes back, by a law of Cause and Effect and creates a tremendous boomerang in connection with the action made. As an example, a thought of anger and hatred towards other human being creates a boomerang that, many times, takes effect with a psychical disturbance and evident cases of possession.


trailer movie - english subtitles
it is a very interesting movie and I think
may bring to many considerations

See the trailer

This film is the story of a doctor's odyssey in the spiritual world after death. Based on the book of the same name by brasilian medium Francisco Cândido Xavier, known as Chico Xavier. First english edition of the book was published in 1944. Film about the doctor André Luiz, who suddenly dies and, through the medium Chico Xavier, tells how his passage to the other side happened, in which is included the time at the thought purifying level, called "umbral" (a sort of purgatory) because his life has been part of selfish. Finally doctor André Luiz starts to pray for help, and the astral helpers arrive and get him to the next higher spiritual level, in "Nosso Lar" (our home).


The ghosts of the mind

In all the times a large amount of speeches have been made irrationally about tales of ghosts, provoking incredulity or fear. But the true ghosts that we must fear are not those that haunt old castles, solitary areas or drawing rooms of spiritualist. They are those that are born and dwell in the mind of the men. They are those that torture the mystics; that attempt the chaste ones; that, fomented by the jealousy, infect the happier marriage unions. Riding the doubt they disperse the enthusiasms of the faith; undermining the confidence of oneself, they bury in the mediocrity the man with a great talent. They attack with the uncertainty, they paralyze with the hesitation, they give birth to the ambiguity and to the suspiciousness, they make indeterminateness and the perplexity reign. They know where the weak side of every person is and from here they penetrate: they gnaw, they corrode, they vanish and they come back. Evoking the fear they are stronger of the strong men; they make a puppet of the person who allows to be dominated, they manipulate him as they wish and, at the end, they leave him without soul in a lot of troubles. Subtle and poisonous, they carry the palm of the evils advisers; they are worse than vampires because they take away your happiness, they distract you from the concrete life with useless, empty, absurd conventions. Then, the dream becomes more important of the truth. The law of the man is the fried air of the concrete facts. The pain that the ghosts of the mind can provoke is more and much more of the physical suffering. Well, don't you think it is time, rather than to endure them, to learn how to exorcise them, discovering how they are born and why they possess you? It is up to you to analyze them individually, don't be afraid, Claudius will guide you with precious indications. Listens to him!
(Kempis - Cerchio Firenze 77)

To exorcise the ghosts created by the mind is a stage that every human beings (male and female), willing or unwilling, must reach and that no one can conquer for someone else, on his behalf. Therefore, take courage, make up your mind, and if you do so, these are precious and appropriate indications. If instead it does not seem essential to you, we remain here attending that life with its experience convinces you and here will lead you back, we are sure you will not avoid the appointment.

Download from Cerchio Firenze 77 the full trance speech about
"The Ghosts of the mind" - "Witchcraft and Possessions" - "The Reason of Suffering"

Click here to download The Ghosts of the mindThe Ghosts of the mind- Kempis (Zip 3,04 MB) from Cerchio Firenze 77 - only italian

Click here to download Witchcraft and PossessionsWitchcraft and Possessions- Kempis (Zip 15,4 MB) from Cerchio Firenze 77 - only italian

Click here to download the reason of sufferingThe Reason of Suffering- Kempis (Zip 18,0 MB) from Cerchio Firenze 77 - only italian


What could be a different view of pain?

With patience and with a lot of love we speak of these truths, we try to enlarge them gradually, so you are not disturbed and you may believe completely, little by little. Because they show you a completely different aspect of the world in which you live, you can touch, little by little, the purpose for which you are bound to a dimension so tiring and strenuous, the dimension in which, sometimes, you are destroyed with the pain and in which you try to find answers to the things that happen to you or to the events that strike you . Perhaps, if the man did not feel pain he would be inclined to try and stay in the joys of life, while the recall of the pain makes him awaken, putting him on a entirely different position from what he had before. It makes him forget everything in the search of why of that pain, it takes him away from the trivial things, which once occupied all his life, leaving no space for more constructive and based activities. Forgetting everything in search of the why of his pain, the person wakes up, and even in tears, in great bitterness, is gradually a path that leads him to have a different life, the kind of life for which he was born. So, do not be always afraid of the pain, do not see it see as a damnation that destroys your life, but try to understand the good that lies behind it, the power to break the crystallization that stifles your spirit, that keeps you in the physical matter and, breaking them, the pain has the power to lift you up. Nothing really is lost, nothing and nobody. So, if you feel this pain was born after the death of a loved one, remember that you will see him again, that you will embrace him again and you will love him more than ever and with his love you will find the true meaning of your life.
There is in the life of some people a continuous succession of pain and disappointments that bring them slowly to a sort of apathy in which they pass even years! In this case the pain, instead of generating an understand, it would seem to have the opposite effect.
It often happens that when we are incarnate and suffer certain experiences in life, we ask ourselves: "Why did it happen? What does this mean? ", and that's because we do not know what are the antecedents, what is the reason why we live that experience. We'll see only at the end of life, when, after death, we will be able to relate with the past lives and then, only then, to understand why certain experiences, incomprehensible without an overall picture of what has determined. It is clear that the pain without no reason seems to make the person worst, making apathetic and closing himself in the search for an understanding of what happens to him, understanding that he cannot reach , and in a sense it is precisely what the pain to do. And it is also very difficult to say what might be the reason why an individual is in this state of mind of annihilation, of discouragement, pessimism, because rather than events, they are states of mind that the individual has had in a previous life, which led him to perform certain actions. Such as actions then created some karma that now, in the present life, the individual is subject to take back - always remember - as a lesson of understanding. As for someone the pain can be burdensome, but it is always a natural remedy essential to that individual to make him understand something he does not understand and would not understand otherwise.
(Kempis - Cerchio Firenze 77) -


Talk with God

My son, do not persist to seek happiness where I did not put it.
Happiness is not in the possession of material goods, in the fulfillment of the senses, in the exaltation of your ego
or in the condescendence that you can have in respect of your peers.
I alone am the true bliss.
The world of phenomena in which you move and act should not be the purpose of your life,
but only a means that leads you to Me, because I am your only true existence, your true essence.
For how weak you are, insufficient and miserable, for how abject you are or be judged such, remember:
I love you, because I am the only true Love.
Look for me and you will not be disappointed, find me and you will never know the pain anymore.
Peace be with you - (Kempis - Cerchio Firenze 77) -


What is Imagination?

Who would resist hopeless situations without a way out, if he could not run away with the imagination on the wings of fantasy? Here it is the friend of mankind, which redeems him from a brutal existence and decorates him with the garland of the poets! It is the imagination that embellishes life, which feeds the art and creates the civilizations, because it is creative power. What is genius if not imagination controlled by reason? Men lacking imagination do not create anything beautiful because they do not know how to go beyond the narrowness of their being. But so much blessing could not be given to the man if could not transform himself in a dangerous drug. Imagination is like a lens that magnifies the vision of the person who looks through it; if it is used habitually, it become more difficult to distinguish the real truth from the fantasy. And who uses it without control, is like someone riding an unbowed horse without reins and spurs. Everything that is imagined is created and everything that is created exists even if it is only in the mind. In this way the imagination makes credible what is not and for this reason many of the so-called jealousy tragedies, in effect are tragedies of the imagination. If you look to other human beings with imagination, you can make them Saints or Murderers and when you associate the imagination with the sexual stimulation that someone activates in you, you fall in love desperately.


The hysteric is that one who creates a castle with the mind.
The crazy one is the person who lives in castle.
The psychiatrist is the one who collects the rent.


(For the complete italian text click the link below)

The Imagination - Kempis - from Cerchio Firenze 77 - only italian



Milarepa lived in Tibet around 1000 A.D. He was a magician and a Buddhist lama.
His physical strength was extreme and his will was exceptionally strong.
His story shows how control over one's body is essential to achieve control over one's mind.

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What appears as demon, which is called demon,
which is recognized as demon, exists within the same
human being and disappears with him.

Milarepa was born in August 1051 in the Tibetan village of Kyagnatsa in the province of Gung-thang (near the border with Nepal) and had a happy childhood. When he was seven, little after the birth of his sister Peta, his father got seriously ill and before dying he left his peasant assets in usufruct to his relatives, until the boy came of age. Although they had sworn to respect the dead man's will, immediately the uncles treated Mila, his mother and his sister, as slaves and enjoyed the acquired assets for about ten years. When the time came to respect their oath, they denied the validity of the will and refused to apply it. Not having any means to defend herself, Mila's mother, Karmo-kyen, sold the turquoise wedding ring and sent her son to learn black magic to have a revenge: "I want you, after learning magic, to destroy first your uncle and your aunt, then the people of the country and the neighbours who have done harm to us." In his long pilgrimage in search of a qualified wizard, Mila met every kind of cheaters and charlatans, who robbed him of all his poor assets. At last he reached lama Yontan Gyathso, to whom he told his sad story and offered his body as a gift. The lama was moved to pity and taught the young man the way to create earthquakes; therefore he sent a terrible one to his country, killing 35. But some days after a wandering hermit reported that the surviving relatives threatened to kill Mila's mother and sister in revenge. Then the lama taught Mila the magic of the hail, that was immediately launched and destroyed all the harvests without provoking other victims. At this point the relatives surrendered to the magical power of Mila. "Falling in a single mass, the hail, as thick as three layers of wall, hit the harvest and the valley. The whole mountain turned to streams and the people of the country, having lost their crops, sobbed." Sorry and sad for his bad deed, Mila decided to leave to search for a master who could free him from guilt and teach him buddhism. After a long travel, he met in a valley a monk who was plowing, asked him where the famous lama Marpa was and the monk answered: "I'll go to inform the lama, go on plowing and when you have ended come into the house you see on the hill." Entering the house, Mila found the man he believed to be just a monk who was sitting on a high pillow and instructing his disciples instead. Bowing down before the lama's feet, he told him his crimes and asked to receive his teaching. Marpa answered that he would satisfy him in exchange for the construction of a round tower in honour of his son on the eastern top of the mountain, since he did not have material assets to offer. But when after a month the tower was ready, the lama told him to take it down and build another one in the shape of a half-moon. The same thing happened for a triangular tower on the northern top and a square one on the southern. Then Mila said to Marpa: "I have built the towers in honour of your son without even a companion who carried a single stone as big as a goat head, a single basket of earth, a single bucket of water, a single tub of lime. You have promised to teach me the doctrine and for this I am here." And Marpa answered: "Great wizard (tu-chen), the turret you made is only as big as an arm and is not worth the doctrine I brought from India with difficulty. If you have the price for the teaching, bring it, otherwise go away. Then the lama gave a slap on my ear and, pulling my hair, he threw me outside. I would better die and I cried all night." The next morning the lama asked to built a ten storey tower as a sanctuary in exchange for instruction and Mila engaged tenaciously in the new job. After some months he presented himself to Marpa with his back covered with sores, plagues and pus, but the lama tore Mila's garment apart, ordered him to use it as the rag that is applied to the wounds of donkeys and to go on with the job. Mila tried to do it, but he fell ill and decided to give himself up and flee back to his country.." During the journey towards his house, Mila met master Gnogpa from whom he received the initiation to buddhism and the order of retiring to meditate in a cave. After a while, when Gnogpa was invited to the celebration festivity for the majority of Marpa's son, Mila asked if he could accompany him as a servant. In that occasion Mila was accepted as a disciple by Marpa, appointed lower monk (ge-nyen) and sent to meditate in a cave for a year. At the end of the prescribed time, Marpa summoned his main disciples and transmitted to each of them one of the instructions he had received from master Naropa: the illusory body (sgyu-lus), the radiating light (hod-gsal), the intermediate stage (bar-do), the control of dream (rmi-lam) and the transfer of conscience (pho-wa). To Mila was transmitted the power of the miraculous heat (gtum-mo), that allows not to use woolen garments; therefore from that day on he took the nickname of re-pa (cloth-dressed). "In an icy winter night, those who think they can get through the test successfully are led to the bank of a river or a lake; if all the water courses of the region are frosted, a hole in the ice is dug. During a moonlighted night with strong winds, not rare in Tibet in the winter months, the neophytes sit naked on the ground and some cloths are dipped in the icy water: everyone wraps himself up in one of them and must let it dry on his body. As soon as the cloth is dry, it is dipped again in the water and the ceremony goes on until daybreak. Some cloths are as small as face towels and others are as large as shawls. The rule states that at least three cloths must be dried before can obtain the qualification of expert in the miraculous heat." (A. David-Neel). When Milarepa's training was over, he received these instructions from his master Marpa: "Leave this place, go to pay homage to lama Gnogpa and leave again immediately to reach the desert. Don't stop in your country, go roaming in deserts of horrors and snows, and be absorbed in contemplation." Begging for cereals from farmers in the plain and for seasoning from shepherds in the mountains, Milarepa went looking for a cavern suitable for meditation. Finally he reached the White Rock cave (Drag-kar Ta-so) and retired in it for three years, determined to go on until he obtained the liberation of mind. "A lot of nettle grew around the cave and some excellent water ran by: from nettle I got a fabric for the external shelter of my body and a tasteless flour for the inner nourishment. Therefore my body became like a skeleton, my skin took the colour of nettle and the consistency of wax and even my hairs became bristly, green. All my bones protruded and my limbs were about to breakoff." At this point Milarepa's sister, Peta, in the yearly festivity of the country, learnt that her brother was alive and decided to leave to meet him again. After a month she reached him and brought him flour, butter and wine. "I accepted Peta's offerings and I ate and drank, so that immediately my intelligence got clearer at last." Milarepa's story was written in the twelfth century by his disciple Rechungpa: in Tibet it is well known and there are several editions of it. All end with the scene of old Milarepa about to die, who summons his disciples and addresses them these words: "Trust and pay attention to the law of karma that regulates causes and effects: remember the impossibility to foresee our death and the punishments of the worldly life. Those who are full of worldly desires cannot do anything for other people's sake and cannot be helpful even to themselves. Since space is unlimited and creatures are innumerable, you will always have the chance to act to advantage of others, when you are in a position to do it. Start by occupying the last place, give up clothes, food and words. Load your bodies with hard works and your minds with duties."

In the individual the will is the base of the power.
The understanding that one of love.
The knowledge that one of wisdom.


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Arabic Version

Mohammed prophet for the Ishmaelites

The Biblical prophecies on the advent of the Prophet Muhammad are evidence of the truth of Islam for people who believe in the Bible. In Deuteronomy 18, Moses stated that God told him: I will raise up for THEM a prophet like you from among their brothers; I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell THEM (to the Ishmaelites) everything I command him. If anyone does not listen to my words that the prophet speaks in my name, I myself will call him to account..... (Deuteronomy 18:18-19).1

From these prophetic verses we conclude that the Prophet must have the following three characteristics:
1) That he will be like Moses.
2) That he will come from the brothers of the Israelites, (the Ishmaelites).
3) That God will put His words in to the mouth of this prophet and that he will declare what God commands him.

All of this is only for THEM, for the Ishmaelites (Arab people) and not for the others like Jewish and Christian people. The Arabs are the descendents of Ishmael and before the prophet Mohammed they were idolaters. Now they are experiencing their evolution. For different kind of people with different culture (Hebrews and Christians) there is a different spiritual evolution. The person who considers everybody part of God is with God, and his evolution is very fast. He is not Christian, not Muslim, not even a Jew. He is beyond all religions. He knows that God is pure Spirit.


A knight crusader and an islamic terrorist searching for Light

I knew Lella an ethiopian clairvoyant. A mature woman, daughter of italian father and ethiopian mother, expelled from her native country with many italian colonials, because daughter of an italian. She is a woman who suffered a lot in her life. She had a son of 14 years of age fruit of her first marriage with an Italian man who died in a car accident. A second son 2 years old had with another Italian. This second marriage failed in a short time. She was a woman who carried the pain of the events of her Karma. With her constant spiritual tension she had opened the third eye. Her ESP (Extra Sensorial Perception) was always in activity.

She was able to see spiritual entities, like the spirit of the first husband who appeared in her house daily to visit the 14 years old son. She could hear the voices of some spiritual Guides who gave her advices in order to face the every day problems. And she had so many problems to solve for other people because many use to visit her for a consultation. When I met her and I shook her hand, she said that I had a combative spirit Guide close to me. Then she had begun trembling strongly because she was seeing a total of four spiritual Guides surrounding me.

- They are all around you - said Lella.
I showed her my book where I had published the portraits of my 4 spiritual Guides.
- Are those the Guides? - I asked.
She was astonished because the drawings were identical to the image of the Guides she was seeing in spirit. This made her happy because it was a confirmation of her clairvoyant ability.

The following days we had several meetings where she always asked me explanations on what was happening to her. One day she phoned me and told me that one of my spirit Guides appeared to a man named Giacomo. This man was working as a night guard in a factory of helicopters, situated 1½ mile from my house. Giacomo's work consists of inspecting all the premises of the factory every night.

While Giacomo was walking in a huge corridor of the factory, well lit by the emergency lights, at a distance 20 meters he saw an old monk wearing a worn out frock with a rope around the waist, holding a stick and walking slowly towards him. Giacomo could expect to see any type of intruder, inside the factory, but not a monk. That monk caught him off guard.
- What this friar is doing here? - Giacomo thought.
While this figure was coming closer to him Giacomo's mind was trying to understand what he was seeing. While the monk was approaching, thousand thoughts overlapped in his mind. Arrived to 5 meters of distance the monk's figure disappeared just like fog, it dissolved without warning. This is typical of an astral entity of light that appears visible for few seconds on the physical plane where the vibrations are slower than those of higher spiritual levels. The poor Giacomo could not give himself any explanation for this apparition. He decided to go visit Lella. The Ethiopian psychic said to him the monk was one of Walter's Spirit Guides and that she would be happy to organize a meeting to introduce us to each other. One evening we met in Lella's house. Lella, Giacomo and his wife and my self were present. Suddenly Lella said that the old monk was standing in a corner of the room. He eventually was ready to offer help in case it was needed. We were seated around a square table and immediately Lella saw the spirit of a man wearing a white tunic with a red cross decoration on the front, on his chest. I thought he was a spirit of one working for the Red Cross.
- No! He is an old knight Crusader - Lella said, while she followed him with her eyes. This entity approached Giacomo who was experiencing for the first time the effect of immediate medianic trance. In fact Lella said that the figure of the knight was overlapping Giacomo's physical body. He went in trance instantaneously.


- Betrayal! They have killed all, my wife and my daughter. They are all dead. Brother help me. - said the entity.
- Can you see your beloved ones? What can I do for you? - I answered.
- No! I do not see anybody, only you can help me - he said .
- You cannot remain blocked on the physical plane. You must go back to the Light. Do you remember the sacred sound? - I said.
- I do - he answered me.
- Well say it loud - I said.
At once the Giacomo's mouth opened and the entity chanted the sacred sound.
- Aum, Aum, Aummmmm - the voice announced.
I joined him as well and chanted it too. Lella said she was seeing an enormous beam of Light investing the figure of the medium. A Light that is invisible to our common eyes, but not to the eyes of any clairvoyant..
- Now I can see my wife and my daughter. Thank you! - said the entity while Lella was describing that the figure had become luminescent and was leaving Giacomo's body, absorbed by a great wake of Light coming from beyond the ceiling of the room. After few minutes, Giacomo was completely awak. He said he did not remember anything of what he said while he was in trance.
- But do you know what the sacred sound is? - I said.
I was testing the medium capacity and I was very prudent in accepting his trance.
- I do not know what this kind of sound is - Giacomo answered.
For a moment I remained in silence. Then I asked Lella if the spirit monk was still there.
- Yes, he is still standing in the corner - she answered.
Suddenly Giacomo became very agitated as if he was invested by an unknown force. I put a pillow on the table in front of the medium to protect his head in case of a downfall. Giacomo had a new trance and the pillow was very useful since Giacomo's head fell on it violently.

Giacomo's voice was not understandable. I touched his head with my hand and Giacomo started to speak in a very strange language.
- But what kind of language does he speak? - I said.
- He is speaking Arabic - Lella answered.
- And how do you know is speaking Arabic language? - I said.
- Because in Ethiopia we speak Arabic - Lella answered.
- Then ask him why did he come here - I said.
We had a triple conversation, between the entity, Lella and me. Lella formulated the questions in Arabic, the entity was answering to her. Lella translated in Italian for me. My questions in Italian were translated in Arabic by Lella, and so on. I asked again why he came here in Italy.
- He is here for the Light - Lella said.
I thought he was sent in order to bring a little serenity to Lella, since she had for sure Ethiopian dead relatives who would have spoken only in Arabic. I was mistaken. The entity spoke in his language and Lella translated simultaneously.
- He is here because he is looking for the Light - Lella said to me.
- If the Light of God does not arrive to him, why should I give it to him? I cannot go against the karmic law of God. - I answered.
- Only you can help him - Lella said again.
- If he does not say what he has done while he was alive, I cannot help him. - I answered.
After a while I repeated the same question and the entity decided to speak.
- I blew up an airplane during the flight with all the passengers on board and I died too. I have been an Islamic terrorist of "Black September" and now I cannot see the Light. Where I am, I cannot see anything. I have come here because I was attracted by the Light that emanates from you. - He said in Arabic to Lella.
Asking for strength from the spiritual world, I concentrated in the pain that this muslim brother was experiencing at his spiritual level and I spoke in this way
- Do you realize what you have done? You must grow up. You have ended the lives of many people during their spiritual evolution through their life on earth and through their experiencing various human races and different religions. Now try to see those you have killed. They are your brothers and sisters. They are also a part of God. This is the reason why you cannot see the Light. When you will comprehend the mistake you have made, you will be able to return to the Light. You must absolutely become aware of this and feel sorry for what you have done. Then you will find the way to the tunnel that will guide you to the Light. But from that moment on you will have to work for the same Light and will have to take part in contrasting the thoughts of other terrorists who want to commit suicide and kill innocent people. Your Muslim brothers are mistaken in teaching the massacres of innocents and they do not know that after the physical death, they will not find the Light neither the famous virgins Uri. You yourself have experienced the darkness. Remember that only God is the true Love. Now try to look up because a spirit Guide will come to take you and will lead to your spiritual level of evolution. In another life you will face your Karma having to suffer the agony that you have inflicted to others -

After my words, Lella said that the monk took him away. The Karmic law is equal for all the murders and terrorists of whichever human race and religion. God does not make any discount. At that moment Giacomo became aware of the important effort he experienced.
- How many other languages do you speak? - I asked Giacomo.
- I speak only italian language. In my life I did not have time to study - he answered.
This removed any doubt I could have on the validity of the trance performed by Giacomo.

The lack of knowledge can be compensated
from the goodness of the heart.


Religious Fanaticism with sexual component

The analysis on the religious fanaticism supported by many Imams is an argument that must be resumed with spiritual knowledge. According to an Islamic belief any Muslim devout has the right to have as many virgins Uri as the number of fasting days he carried out during Ramadan and the good deeds he achieved during his life. The psychiatric examination, requested by the Milanese magistrate Elio Ramandini, on the first prisoner of Al Qaeda in Italy, Rihad Jelassi, has supplied impressive evidences of sexual motivations by the terrorists. Here are some of the impressive confessions given by Jelassi to the criminologist Nico Zanovello, the person in charge of the survey.
- For months, and sometime for years - Jelassi said - the Imams, also those in the italian mosques are preparing the boys for the saint war against the enemies of Allah (those who are not muslims), they explain with meticulous details who are the famous 72 virgins- Uri and what they do, in Paradise, desired and desirous while they are waiting for the arrival of the kamikaze. The 72 virgins - the Imam assure - are typically Arabian beauties, of variable height from 1.65 to 1.70 meter, they weigh from the 70 to the 85 kilograms (in conformity with the Middle Eastern preferences for the chubby women) they have an abundant and firm breasts, a nice small nose and a small fine mouth, two big black eyes, long and black hair, their buttocks are beautiful firm and they wear elegant Arabian dresses. Also they are very sensual women so that in front of the shining beauty of the martyr in Paradise, some of them swoon for desire". The martyr in Paradise may enjoy all of these virgins Uri without any rush, because the day in Paradise last 70.000 years. Therefore you have all the time you want to copulate with them. You may stay ten years with one, a hundred years with another one and so on. - the Imams explain to the future kamikaze -
An identical confession was given to the German magistrates from the Jordanian collaborator of justice Shadi Abdallà. Pathetic are the imam's revelations about the erotic inclinations of the 72 virgins (and indicative of the secret desires of the future martyrs and their teachers): - In Paradise - the Imams assure - the virgins enjoy very much the pleasures of sex, they say obscene words during the sexual intercourse in order to increase the pleasure of the male; and up there, they are waiting for you. And as soon as you explode yourself, the first things you will see, will be the beautiful Virgins. Two of them will come to comfort you and they will kiss you all over. -
And Jelassi said again: - In Paradise - the imams said to us - there are no tears and the bodies do not smell nasty. Even the shit smells nice. And we young men, who have never had sex with a woman, we became crazy of desire when they spoke like this and we fell asleep seizing the hard penis and waiting for the encounter with the 72 Uri virgins. -

Since 2002 the obvious sexual component of the Islamic terrorism was noticed, it emerged clearly when the French police discovered that Hassan Jandoubi, the muslim terrorist who exploded himself with the entire chemical factory AZT of Toulouse, killing 9 workers and hurting and intoxicating 2.500 citizens of Toulouse, before his martyrdom he had worn five underwear slips, one over the other. It was not a personal extravagance: wearing those complicated underwear, Hassan performed a precise prescription of the Muslim terrorist Handbook, distributed to the candidates to become martyrs in the name of Allah. That ritual (according to the terrorists) should have the precise purpose of protecting the genitals and get them safe and pure in the hands and between the legs of the 72 virgins Uri appointed to delight him in Paradise. That has clearly revealed to the psychologist, the strong sexual motivation of the terrorists. Today the confessions of Jelassi and Abdallà are a confirmation of what was only a possibility. The psychological mechanism due to the brainwashing of these dangerous individuals who dream and prepare their death and the death of others is without doubt due to the fanaticism of many Imams. In the psyche of the terrorist is inculcated the destiny of death. The Imams, though, prefer to keep their wealthy life and they do not commit suicide with an explosion. But all is recorded and written in the Great Book of the Karma and at the right moment God will bring back the equilibrium with the cosmic law of cause and effect. Since the beginning of time, mankind has tried to defend himself from the death, creating fantasies and beliefs of a life after the death of the physical body, confirmation of which is found in ancient documents found on the Paleolithic burials 100.000 years old. Unfortunately, with the time these beliefs crystallized in dogmatic religions that have instilled in theirs followers the conviction that they belong to the only true religion, being able to assure to them eternal happiness and the resurrection of the body in the purity. But also the duty of destroying the followers of false gods and other faiths because perceived as evil agents with the intention of destroying the belief of their own immortality. It is really a threat also for the Imams who could lose definitively every temporal benefits obtained from the rank they have acquired. All this brainwashing is not a creation of the prophet Mohammed, but of individuals named Imams without any true spiritual knowledge. For these responsibilities, I predict that the hand of God will strike many Islamic nations, especially those implicated in the violation of the cosmic laws of brotherhood. There will be catastrophes, earthquakes, tsunamis, epidemics and serious accidents with big losses of human life. Those disasters will take place for a spiritual evolution of some people, until they ask themselves: Why all these things are happening to us? Then these brothers will have to look for the Truth because it belongs to all populations. The truth is not a religious dogma. God is not Judaist, neither Muslim, neither Christian, neither Buddhist, neither Hindu. God is God and is Absolute. This means that nothing exists outside of God. This is the reason why the truth comes only exclusively from the spiritual world and not from the Imams or Ayatollahs. Perhaps someone has forgotten that God is Pure Spirit. I hope not! To pray means to enter in contact with God. And if the contact takes place with a deep meditation, the person will be able to feel God's presence but will not be able to see Him, because His Light could blind the sight. God is like the voice that comes out from the mouth: you cannot see it but you may hear it .... unless you are a deaf.


Masters of all ... and masters of nothing!

A real master has not a diploma or any certificate to show to you. No certificate issued by any organization with lucrative purpose is able to create a master. Not even the money fee payment for one of many seminaries moving around, cannot change a person in a master. A real master has an invisible certificate granted by God; it is inside his spirit and the master shines of Light and Love because that energy comes from God. It is like an invisible yellow gold colour dress, and it is given free of charge. A master doesn't sell amulets or special hypothetical spiritual receivers or transmitters; he doesn't sell magical symbols, cd-rom disks, elixirs of long life or special powerful healing discs for 28,000 dollars. The masters of nothing sell only fried air. They say are masters of this and of that, master of pranic healing, master of reconnection healing, master of ruby healing, master of the effusion with Holy Spirit, master of transmutation, master of mudra, master of archangelic seals, master of bringing Inipi. And whoever has got more may put more. Next there are masters of the unconditioned love (words now in fashion in the thetahealing) and they give a guarantee of healing you in exchange of 60 euros. It is true, with money we may buy all material things belonging to this planet. In effect, with money we may satisfy many requests: beautiful cars, jewels, gold, houses or mansions, clothes, expensive food, animals and, nevertheless, we may also buy men and women, those who want to be bought. But the abilities and the qualities of the Spirit cannot be acquired through the money. There are not factories or shops where Love and Spiritual powers are for sale. Who promises similar spiritual qualities in exchange of money payment, has nothing different from those who extort money with threat of death. Unfortunately, for many people the dream becomes more important of the truth: the law of the man is the fried air of the concrete facts. A real master use the light of his impersonal love on the attempt to heal others... always free of charge. Since who free of charge has received, free of charge must donate. A real master always does good and then disappers. This is the cosmic law of Love!

Everywhere people are talking about unconditioned Love, word now in fashion... From my point of view, the unconditioned Love is the divine Love we have inside our spirit and it is granted gratis by God , in proportion to our spiritual evolution reached up to now. Unconditioned means that it is given without any condition; without any payment or swap of any kind. It is donated and that is enough! Love is not for sale and has not to be paid because it is released spontaneously from the one who donates without asking anything, since there is more joy in giving than in receiving. And this is already a large reward that God lavishes those who donates without any condition. It is, therefore, an unilateral donation that comes from the one who possesses Love for evolution’s degree, in favor of the one who is lacking of it and is living a restrictive situation from which he or she does not succeed to exit. To receive a payment in order to give unconditioned Love is equivalent to behave like a prostitute that grants her performance in exchange of money. As the spiritual entity of a Master says: " If you can understand that would be right and beautiful that every person doesn’t live only for himself, but conceives and lives his life in the solidarity with the own similar, ready to support the more humble part in the social step, ready to give even if he has not received, like part of a single great family, then why take care only of yourself and aspire to positions of prominence and before giving - if you give - you make the budget of what you have received and interpose thousand conditions before giving, even demanding that who needs must correspond to yours ideal of needy or may be likeable? "

If your love does not know conditions, doubts, tepidness; if you love without being loved back,
if that love makes you constantly happy, satisfied ;
if uninterruptedly it gives you the fullness,
if you find happiness in the happiness of the loved ones,
if you give before it is demanded to you,
and if loving it is the compensation that repays you joyfully of every hard work, of every sacrifice for the loved ones,
you are among those which, so far, may imagine what is the divine love,
that love speaking to everyone in this way:
"My son, more than loving and evoking love, I want that you be love .
Thus, if it is the maternal love that switch on such miracle, I will make you mother and I will be your son.
If it is the sensual love, then I will not scandalize myself of being your lover.
If it will be the friendship to be able to do so much, I will be your faithful friend.
But if it will be the love to the others, anonyms, then in everyone of them you will see me like truly I am and you will understand, being yourself, the essence of the true love."
(Dali - Circle Florenze 77)


Buddha and the courtesan (prostitute)

A curious event happened to Buddha that, for a little while, left his disciples perplexed regarding the character of their Master. The Buddha and his disciples had made renunciation and chastity ballot for sexual love. Nevertheless a day, while the Buddha and his disciples rested on the shadow of a tree, a courtesan was approaching, attracted from the body and the luminous face of the Master. As soon the courtesan saw the celestial face of the Buddha, she felt in love and moved quickly towards him with opened arms (in order of embracing and kissing him) and exclaiming with loud voice:
“Oh, my beautiful and shining Lord, I love you!”
The disciples remained astonished when they heard the answer of Buddha to the courtesan :
“My beloved, I love you too. But now do not to touch me. Not yet.”
The courtesan replied:
” You call me beloved and for me you are my beloved. Why, then, you do not want that I touch you?”
Master Buddha answered:
“My beloved, I still repeat to you… I will touch you later, but not now.”
The disciples remained upset, thinking that the Master had fallen in love with the courtesan. After the answer of the Buddha, the courtesan went away with a certain disappointment. After some year, while the Buddha was meditating with his disciples, suddenly the Master exclaimed:
“I must go! My beloved (the courtesan) is calling me. She has need of me, now. I must maintain my promise.”
The disciples ran behind the Master, hoping in some way to save him, although he seemed that he was fallen in love desperately with the courtesan. The Buddha, followed by the worried disciples, went under the same tree where he had met the woman and there he found the courtesan with her beautiful body covered of malodorant and putrescent plagues caused by the smallpox. The disciples had horror and they kept far from the infected woman. But the Buddha embraced the putrefying body of the woman like he was embracing a child, resting the head of the courtesan on his chest and whispering her:
“My beloved, now is the time to demonstrate my love for you and also to maintain the promise to touch you. I have waited for a long time to demonstrate my sincere love, because I love you when all the others have stopped of loving you. I touch you now, when all your friends, now, have fear of touching you.”
Therefore, the Buddha healed the courtesan and invited her, by now purified from every sexual desire, to join his group of disciples. The personal love is egoistic love and considers only the personal interests, against all the rest. The Divine love, that impersonal love, is altruist and desires the happiness of the beloved one, and love is not limited or partial. God loves in the same way the good and bad ones, because they are His sons. All those which aspire to reach the spiritual knowledge, must emanate a love similar to that of God, a love for all, an impersonal and unconditioned love. When someone demonstrates that he/she loves all indifferently, then God will say:
“My noble son/daughter, I accept your love, because you love all with My love as I do.”
To love those who love you is natural, but nearly always is love inspired from the ego. To love those who do not love you, or those who hate you, is the supernatural expression of the love. That is the energy able to recognize God in all the living beings.
(Paramhansa Yogananda)
from the book: How to Love and to be Loved.



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