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The occultist and his creed!

" Who are you that can walk between the greatest storms without that a fold of your dress is decomposed? You that can fall between insidious whirlpools or walking on flames without a damage, also if minimal, to your person? They know you as occultist and is for that reason that the men fear of you, like the one who does not have the calm conscience fears of the night. You are derided from scholastic science, you are despised from the powerful ones of the Earth; if they speak about you, they consider you a sick of mind, a possessed person, a charlatan, in short an injurious being to the society. If you speak, they do not listen to you; your words are utopies, unreal and fanciful things, not adapted to present time, to the active life, the life of every day. You are right! We leave the dreams and the dreamers; in the life we need something less fanciful, something more real. Close the eyes... That is done, now we can watch: there are in front of you, powerful people, the horrors of the wars, of revolutions caused by your oppression and exploitation; there are in front of you, fanatics, the stakes, the massacres, the opportunisms of a corrupted clergy; there are in front of you, ignorant people, the tortures and the poisons that you have given to the poor guinea-pigs in name of science. This is the reality of every day. It is useless to lay the blame on one or the others, than not to claim to work for the peace, when it is working for the own interest, than dedicate the own life under the chrism of the humanitarian mission, when it is exercise of one of the professions more corrupts, that inaugurates the new cult of Mary, the sweet, because in name of the Father and the Son were perpetrated too many violences. And you occultist, and you adept, you see all this (many times you have made their expenses), judged without to judge the others. But who are you that can tramutare in gold all you touch and you live in poverty, you that know the mind of the men and do not want to have a confront with them? You could kill them with a look and, if they hit you, you embrace them and call them Brothers. "
To all these questions the adept smiles; his eyes are those of the one who sees face to face the Truth, face to face the Old of the Old ones, the Old of the Days (the Ancient one of the Days).

Who am I?

Listen to my Creed and you will know me:
" I believe in the love of God for His creatures and creed that a day all the men will love each others.
" I creed that no creature can be driven out from the Father, but that all one day will be aware in He, because I creed in the Cosmic spiritual low, instrument of evolution and object of it, the Life, supreme gift for which the man, who is null, becomes all.
" I creed in the reincarnation or transmigration of the individuality (soul) in bodies able to express the achieved evolution in order to achieve more evolution.
" I creed in the low of cause and effect (Karman), for which everyone it collects the fruits that have seeded; the man causes his own unhappiness, remaining victim of what he has determined.
" I creed in the Divine Justice and creed in the Divine Mercy, to whom nobody is never eternally condemned, but from the consequences of the own actions, everyone learns and becomes santified.
" I creed that the good and the evil are relative to every individual, but I can assert that it is right and good all all this favors the progress of the individual and is unjust and bad all that can damages my brothers and myself.
" I creed that the conscience expresses how much elevated the individual can conceive, but not necessarily how much more elevated is.
" I creed the miracle of the transformation Death, as well as beautiful the transformation Life and creed that the man defines beautiful or ugly, attractive or repulsive, by the subjective impression.
" I creed in an Only source of the All (God), man part of It, as the rays of the Sun are part of the Sun, also not being the Sun.
" I creed that is not life without being the reflection of the Only Life, therefore like every power is the reflection of the Only Power, expression of the Only Life.
" It is a supreme comfort for me to be sure that for the creatures nothing is badly real, than nothing it dies, because in the Universe it is Life and Love, one seeing the external nature of God, the other the inner one.
" I creed in the Trinity or triple aspect of the Divine manifestation and that is:
in the Unit Spirit, root of every thing, quid above every effect because it is part of the Cause;
in the Duality "Akasa", the Cosmos-frame;
in the Triality, mind, energy, matter, interwoven of the Cosmos.
" I creed in Mary, hidden Church, Last Truth, Mother of the man-God, which only the Saint can know without veils.
" I creed in the single Eternal, Perfect, Infinite, Indivisible, Constant God, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, that comprises in Himself all what really it is.
Is, exists, existed, will exist, because:
" I assert my faith in all this.
" Therefore was, therefore is, therefore will be ".

(Kempis - Cerchio Firenze 77)