walter torquati

Non c' amore sprecato

(There is not wasted love)

(A book with paranormal experiences)

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Psychic Portait of the Aura

Psychic artist Dorice Hannan

Image created by Dorice Hannan S.A.GB expert in Aura reading

I was always in London and one day I decided to have a psychic Aura portait. Mrs. Dorice Hannan (passed to spirit) visualized my Aura and from that she created the following sketch with the relative explanations: "In this life you are a door of access for others in finding the Truth. You have a great power to cure desperate cases in which the official medicine has failed and also you have the power to facilitate the separation of the spirit from the sick physical body. You have received white paper in order to act as you like, but also you have a serious responsability. Your house of Light is similar to a Tower in a position to free the others from their restrictions and also to rescue them. This means that you manifest your protection by positive thoughts. As I have said you have white paper in order to act but you must remember that whichever thing you make to the others you make the same to you. When it provokes joy on the others you feel it on you and vice versa. You can make anything you want, but remember that your physical body will feel the conditions you will provoke to the others. That is why you have to follow the road of positiveness. The sphere of Light of your house makes you understand the point of view of the others and to speak openly with sincerity. You will make always something of right for the others, even if this will put you in danger and will bring physical pain. You will defend the Truth with the risk to remain isolated. The 3 rectangular windows of orange color say that you have a material point of view in a position to understanding the things of the world in practical terms. They also indicate that you do not need to make what you make, but the fact is that the others need you. The 8 beams of Light have a ruby colour that become yellow-gold and indicate that you are a master in a position to understanding all and acting in appropriate way. You are not one of that they say the things without putting them in practice. The horizon is to indicate that you may act on the emotional sphere giving the strenght to the others to find again their way. You do not have ambitions and you take the things as they come. The four blue gulls are 4 Spiritual Guides who follow you and they suggest what to do. The base and the sphere are of pale green color, nearly white, and represent the combination in order to bring Love, Peace and Safety. To the eyes of the others you appear a little hard and sad because of your pales colors, but the Light resides inside you with all its splendor. The Blue door, sign of wisdom, is delineate in Gold with the symbols of the Moon and the Sun and remember to you that for every action there is a reaction. Your act starts always as a reaction when something happens and you make your best with all the spiritual world gives you. You are like a cook to which one gives the ingredients and then he cooks properly. The door Moon and Sun says that you begin like a passive and end like positive. The white cliffs indicate your spiritual conditions, those grey the solid strenght and those greens the conditions of peace and safeness. The door opens and closes when you speak to people and you express yourself through the word of the knowledge. One side of the Tower is Gold colour and indicates that you were a religious high degree priest of the Sun. The water of the sea means that you bring the foundations for the new Era of the Aquarius."